The world's thinnest portable bone conduction speaker has arrived: SleemPro Speaker.


Sometimes fact beats fiction: if you'd read a few years ago that you'd be able to carry a high-powered speaker in your pocket? you probably wouldn't have believed it! But that's just the way it is: we're talking about the SleemPro Speaker, the first ultra-thin sound device that reaches up to 135 decibels!

Much more than just a speaker

It sounds like magic, but it's not. The SleemPro Speaker uses bone conduction technology to use any surface you attach it to as a soundboard, turning any object into a powerful speaker. You can use it wherever you go, whether you want to listen to podcasts, music or videos at high volume. To maximise the volume, it's a good idea to attach its suction cups to a hollowed-out object, although you might be surprised to find that simple glass also gives spectacular sound quality and volume.

There are four main surfaces on which the sound resonance will change how you listen to music: wood; for low resonance, glass; for mid and high frequencies, mirror; for clean, melodic sound, and any hollow object to boost bass sounds incredibly.

Does the speaker or microphone of your mobile phone not sound like the first day? That won't be a problem anymore.

In addition to its incredible bone conduction technology that turns any object into a speaker, the SleemPro Speaker also has a built-in high-quality microphone, so you can use it for your phone calls or video calls and hear the people you're talking to better. Whether your mobile phone's microphone or speaker is obstructed or you simply want more power and clarity of sound, this product will be your faithful ally.

Built-in FM radio

The SleemPro Speaker team also took another thing into account, and that is that the speaker should also be useful without being connected to the mobile phone. For this purpose, an FM radio receiver was integrated into the speaker with an automatic station detection system, making it a practical radio that you can listen to wherever you go - another great idea!

In short: the SleemPro Speaker's sound reaches up to 135 decibels, it turns any object into a speaker thanks to its bone conduction technology, it has built-in FM radio, it's so compact that it even fits in your wallet... but... what else can it offer you? but what else can it offer you?

Available in four colours and with LED light

To suit your style and be extremely intuitive to use.

The SleemPro Speaker is available in four colours: black, white, green and pink, to suit your style or the style of anyone you want to give it to. It also comes with an LED light indicator that will show you the battery level so you can predict when to charge it - although the built-in battery means you won't need to charge it for several days of use.

All in all, the SleemPro Speaker is a great option to take with you on a daily basis.

Spare parts included free of charge

Many manufacturers try to make their buyers spend more money by selling spare parts and chargers separately, but with SleemPro Speaker you get everything included in the box! USB-C fast charging cable, four spare suction cups, stand for flat surfaces, portable lanyard and 3 extra thick stickers for rougher surfaces - unbelievable but true!

And on top of all that, due to the recent launch of the SleemPro Speaker, the manufacturer has launched a great launch promotion - see below to find out how you can benefit from it!

What do SleemPro Speaker users think?

I got it as a birthday present and at first I didn't think it would have such a powerful sound. I tried attaching it to a cardboard box and the sound is spectacular, it uses the shape of the object to boost the sound. I'd say it's about 5 or 6 times more powerful than a mobile phone speaker. 100% recommended! R*****

I received it last week and it is just as they say, with a great sound quality and depending on the object you stick it to it sounds one way or another. I always carry it in my wallet! M******

I have no words to describe this speaker. It sounds like magic: when I stick it to a drawer in my room, it turns into a resonance box and multiplies the power unbelievably. Unbelievable! P*****

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The best option on the market

Main advantages:

  1. Turn any object into a speaker thanks to the SleemPro Speaker's bone conduction technology.
  2. Take it anywhere thanks to its lightweight and ultra-compact design
  3. Available in four colours and with LED light
  4. With built-in FM radio so it can operate without the need for a mobile phone

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.


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